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Ambrobion Syrup

Ambrobion Syrup

Ambrobion Syrup, offered by us, contains different vitamins of b-complex group in full thereupatic concentration. Ambrobion Syrupthat we provide is for all age group patients. Ambrobion Syrup, provided by us, is used as an anti-anemic and revitalizing agent in case of post operative treatment. Also, our Ambrobion Syrup is used to increase vigor during convalescence period.

Additional Information

  • Payment Terms : T/T
  • Minimum Order Quatity : 120 bottles
  • Packaging Details : 60x200ml bottles in corugated box
  • Delivery Time : 7 days


  • Sugar free with : sorbital and glycerin base
  • Red colored syrup
  • Available in mango flavor
  • Helps body to combat
  • Sorbitol base
  • Alcohol and sugar-free
  • Excellent taste and flavor
  • Adjuvant therapy along with broad spectrum antibiotics
  • Stimulation boost for tireless performance

Contains : Vitamins of B-Complex Group

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